Incredible WA Christmas Trees

WA Xmas Tree.jpgUytsia floribunda is well known in Southwest Australia, the common name is the Western Australian Christmas tree. The appearance of abundant flowers in summer is a spectacular display!

Typically it appears as a tree up to 10 metres (33 ft) high, or as a shrub. The rough bark is grey-brown and the flowers are an amazing vivid yellow-orange, appearing between October and January.

Nyungar people made use of the species during the season Kambarang, around October to early December, obtaining bark to make shields. The gum that exudes from the wound can be collected later, it is sweet and eaten raw.

This natives' jaw dropping bloom serves as a wonderful reminder to Australians of our summer Christmas and festive season, hence the trees' common name. Enjoy the amazing display of your very own native mistletoe!