gtmike.jpgWe stock predominately Grass trees, Kingia, Zamias.

We also supply Boab and WA Christmas trees to order.

All with mind blowing aesthetics of sizes and configurations!!

We offer a superb, fully guaranteed installation.

All Trees come with simple step-by-step planting & after care guide.

If you are local to Busselton or neighbouring towns, delivery can be on the same day you order.

Courtesy Trailer available.                                                                                                                                                  


Choose, make a 25% deposit, and complete your purchase within six months.

If you are in Western Australia, we can deliver and install your new look landscape within three days of order, statewide.

Interstate orders can be easily managed, with a delivery time of approximately two weeks.

Global/Export orders are NOT a problem - delivery approx. 6 weeks.

We do on-site maintenance with our post-planting service, ensuring that your Grasstrees not only grow, but also grow well.
A six-montly expert maintenance and trimming visit can keep your grass trees looking as they did the day you bought them.

Also, with our expertise and specialised equipment, we can transplant, store for future use, maintain and relocate virtually ANY kind of tree.

Prices include both delivery and installation and stand-alone purchase and pickup.

Purchase price will vary according to the size and configuration. 

This is for the DIY gardener. Come with us into the Bush and get your Grasstrees at 50% discount!
We will extract them responsibly, under licence, and load them in your truck or trailer.
Once you are on the Harvest Direct Notification list, we can usually give 2-3 days' notice.